Darkglass Electronics is a company based in Helsinki Finland, providing some of the finest pedals on the market for bassists. With a great line of preamp pedals, such as the Microtubes Vintage, Vintage Deluxe, Microtubes B3K and B7k as well as the Duality Dual Fuzz Engine, Darkglass is quickly becoming a staple for any bassist searching for the ultimate pedal board configuration. We recently had the great opportunity to demo the Duality Dual Fuzz Engine from Darkglass and let me tell you, this thing kicks butt.
To start with, the Duality pedal is built for the road, with a very solid, compact chassis, that will fit in any case, gigbag or even your pocket (assuming your not wearing skinny jeans). Built with durable knobs and inputs, the Duality also features a very bright LED marker that will definitely let you know when the pedal is "doing it's thing". Another awesome feature is the footswitch, which provides you quick and silent activation of the pedal. At times, pedals may have a "pop" when turned on.....not good.
Next we turn to the features of the Duality. The Level, controls your general output. The Blend, allows you to determine the amount of clean signal blended to fuzz. The Filter knob controls the amount of clarity or fidelity, allowing for anything from a dark chunky metal tone to a crisp, piercing fuzz tone. Finally, the Duality knob, essentially allows you to pan between two various fuzz tones in one pedal. In a sense, the Duality Dual Fuzz Engine, provides up to three various tones in one pedal, by offering a choice of two fuzz tones as well as blending in any amount of clean tone. The Duality can easily achieve a synth like fuzz tone as well as the gnarliest metal driven distortion.

That being said... Darkglass provides some serious pedals for those of you serious about pedals. Be sure to visit Darkglass and see what they have to offer.